180° Rotating Handheld Steamer Iron HongTu 2 in 1-3456

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180° Rotating Handheld Steamer Iron HongTu 2 in 1-3456

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  • 20s Fast Heating:The mini steam iron has 1000 watts power, which can heat up quickly in 20 seconds for 302℉ constant temperature ironing. Much faster than traditional steam irons, getting clothes back to new in no time. The ceramic titanium non-stick soleplate of the mini iron is very durable, conducts heat quickly and evenly, ensures smooth sliding on the fabric, effectively removes wrinkles, and better protects your clothes.
  • Powerful Steam:The steam iron has a powerful steam function, which can continuously output steam with one button opening, and the steam volume can reach 16g/min. The delicate steam has strong penetrating power, which can easily and effectively soften the fibers of clothes deeply, and remove various wrinkles and stubborn creases. The 100ml/3.4oz large water tank can hold enough water, and the steam can work continuously for about 8 minutes.
  • Wet and Dry Ironing Mode:This mini steam iron is very simple and easy to use. Plug in the power plug and wait for the indicator light to turn orange to start ironing. You can click the button to turn off or turn on the steam, and switch between steam and dry ironing functions to meet your different ironing needs. In the case of steam ironing, the high heat of the titanium top can also be used for drying.
  • Travel Steam Iron:The foldable handle design of the portable steam iron provides convenience for your storage, 180° flexible switching for flat ironing and hanging ironing. The body is very small and light, weighing only 1 pound, it can be put into a handbag. This steam iron is suitable for all kinds of fabrics, and you can take it with you on vacation or travel, and iron anytime, anywhere.

Professional Portable Mini Steamer Iron for Clothes

Rated voltage: 110V, 970 W high power, softens fibers and removes wrinkles quickly;

100 ml water tank, it is convenient to add water with the filling cup to prevent splashes;

20 s to warm up, quick ironing in 3 minutes, and you can go out exquisitely in just one song time.

Space-saving & Travel Size

The handle of this travel steam iron can be rotated at three angles (0°-90°-180°). It's compact, lightweight, and foldable, making it ideal for travel and outings. Easily pack it into suitcases or backpacks and carry it with you wherever you go. Applied to clothes, curtain, sofa, pillow, toyl, car seats.
travel mini steam iron
mini craft iron
perler bead iron
travel iron mini with steam

2 Ironing Modes—Dry & Wet Ironing

Our steam iron for clothes offers both Dry and Wet Ironing in one device. It quickly heats up to 302°F, and with a simple button press, you can release a fine water mist for effective steam ironing. This hand held iron designed for both vertical and horizontal ironing, catering to different needs.

Pointed Curved Design

360-degree ironing without dead corners. The front and back sides of the hanging ironing machine panel are designed with water chestnut corners, which can flexibly iron narrow areas such as buttons, plackets and collars, allowing the details to be displayed elegantly.

Inside High intelligent Chip

Intelligent control temperature and time, if not used for a long time, will automatically power off to ensure safety.

how to use it ?

1. Add water into the water rank

2. Put the lid of the water tank tightly

3. Press the button to start coming out steam

4. Choice of horizontal or vertical ironing

Family Travel Essentials

The handheld mini steam iron is compact in design, small and light, easy to store, exquisite and stylish, very suitable for family and travel use, you can enjoy ironing anytime and anywhere.

Product information


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