6 LED recessed spotlight ceiling light swivel-mounted dimmable LED 5.5 Watt 9820

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Modern LED downlight Mano including 5.5W LED modules in a practical set of 6

These dimmable and swivelling LED downlights are presented in a simple design – pleasantly modern and discreet. Recessed spotlights are universal light sources that can be installed in living rooms, in the kitchen, in the hallway or in the stairwell. Delivery includes energy-saving, warm white LED lamps. No transformer is required. The connecting cables are not included.

Important product details:

Very nice warm white light colour
class illumination with 470 lumens per recessed luminaire
ultra flat only 30 mm installation
depth recessed hole diameter 68 mm, outer diameter 82 mm
Rarely replacement – a long service life of 20,000 hours
Wide beam – a beam angle of 110 ° ensures generous lighting
Six Pack – 6 pieces per pack
Warm white light colour
hard Built-LED modules

6 LED recessed spotlight ceiling light swivel mounted dimmable LED 55 Watt 9820 333664132156 2

Further advantages:

✓ Environmentally friendly
✓ Easy installation
✓ No buzzer
✓ Uniform light distribution
✓ High color rendering
✓ Unbeatable value for money

If you ever contrary to expectations not to be satisfied with one of our products, please contact us – we will surely find a solution!

  • In the set of 6 high-quality LED spots 230V, the LED modules with 5.5 watts and 470 lumens are permanently installed. They have a lifespan of 20,000 hours.
  • The LED recessed lights have an ultra-flat installation depth of only 30 mm. The recessed spotlights are dimmable and swivelling and thus individually adjustable according to your needs.
  • Product dimensions of ceiling spots: outer diameter 82 mm, ceiling cut-out 68 mm, installation depth 30 mm. No transformer is required. Connection cables are not included.
  • Luminosity: The spotlights shine with 470 lumens. The built-in spots also offer IP23 protection.
  • The satisfaction of our customers is important to us – if you have any problems or comments, we look forward to your message. Our lights are suitable for private living spaces.

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