Alfheim Car Boot Liner Protector for Dog-Black-1849

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Alfheim Car Boot Liner Protector for Dog-Black-1849

Brand new - The outer box is torn or has previous label marks, no damage to the actual product. Please see the listing pictures for more information

Product information
  • 【Universal Fit】Size: 185 x 105 cm / 72.8 x 41.3 inch. Alfheim car boot liner cover fits all most cars, trucks and SUV. Comes with adjustable headrest straps and a large bumper protector that can be folded to length our car boot liners. As this universal fit size, perfect for carrying pets to travel out. Your dog will be comfortable, and you won't have to worry about dirt, dander or claw marks in your car.
  • ✅【Upgrade High Quality Material】This car boot liner cover of Alfheim is made of upgraded thickened materials, which is completely waterproof, anti-wrinkle, scratch-resistant, tear-resistant. The materials of our product are thicker than similar products on the market, weight up to 1.7kg. 4 LAYERS: high-density random-grain polyester fabric + PVC waterproof film + high-elastic styrofoam cotton + non-slip silicone.
  • ✅【Bumper & Side Protection】The length of the Alfheim boot liner cover can be extended to the bottom of the bumper, and your bumper will not be damaged when the dog gets on or off the car or when moving somethings on and off. Side protection provides total protection for your boot liner. Stickiness of four magic stickers ensure stick to the car sides, which can effectively preventing slippage.
  • ✅【No Slip & Multi-Function】You don't want your pup to be tossed back and forth when you're on the go! That's why our cover has a rubberized backing that allows it to stay in place through every turn have to worry about dirt, dander or claw marks on your seats. Alfheim boot liner cover can be used at the time of camping or any other situation that needs liner. There are a handy pocket for you to keep your things.
  • ✅【Easy to Clean】Alfheim car boot liner protector is washable, wipeable and easy to dry. When the cover gets dirty, you can remove it with ease and launder it in the washing machine to get it fresh, clean and ready for use again. Protect your car trunk from dirt and dust, don't need to worry about pet hair, sticky notes or vomiting into the car and damage to the trunk.

Alfheim Car Boot Liner Protector

  • The Vikings believed that the fairy folk dwelt in a land of magic called Alfheim. We believe each pet is a fairy that God gives us.
  • You've experienced it before--there are muddy paw prints on your cargo area, bits of fur everywhere and scratches from your pup's nails on the leather upholstery. Moreover, you have to spend times to cleaning the car after every outing.
  • Discover the solution for mess cargo area that is so effective and simple, you will swear it came from the magical realm of Alfheim! Order a Alftheim cargo area liner and make every safe, comfortable, and clean outing with your dog.
  • By using our cargo liner for dogs, you can take your dog on the direst of adventures and come home with a spotlessly clean car seat! Cover and line your trunk with a comfortable quilted cover that your dog will love. This revolutionary seat protector will spare you from the chore of cleaning the cargo area forever!


  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Size: 105cm*185cm*37cm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Oxford

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