Alteya High-Potency Rose Water USDA Organic Facial Toner-200ml-40306

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Alteya High-Potency Rose Water USDA Organic Facial Toner-200ml-40306

Brand new - The outer box is torn or has previous label marks, no damage to the actual product. Please see the listing pictures for more information Product information
  • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Certified according to the USDA NOP Program, the strictest organic standard in the world. Always check to ensure a product carries the USDA Organic logo. NON-GMO.
  • PRIMARY STEAM-DISTILLED BY ALTEYA: Distilled directly from fresh Rosa Damascena Bulgaria petals, and via Alteya's proprietary methodology that combines traditions with science to capture the most complete range of aromatic plants’ benefits, with rich composition of essential oil micro-elements and full concentration of hydrophilic components. As a result, our organic rose water has multiple skin benefits and applications in beauty and wellbeing.
  • AWARD-WINNING: Also featured in People Magazine, ELLE, In-Style, Delicious Living, Organic Spa, New York Fashion Week, and many others.
  • FROM ALTEYA'S ROSES AND ALTEYA's DISTILLERY: Just one ingredient, 100% Pure Steam-Distilled Certified Organic "Alteya" Rosa Damascena Skin-grade Distillate. Straight from the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley. Alteya's rose water does not have the strong artificial aroma of rose perfumes or of the other rose varieties domesticated roses sold at florist shops (they are different rose types with no skin care properties). It is not water mixed with essential oils or created in a lab.
  • PREMIUM GRADE BIOPHOTONIC VIOLET GLASS SPRAY, specially designed to preserve the quality of natural products, working as a filter to block harmful rays of light to protect and assure that taste, smell, colour, bioenergy, and products properties remain intact assuring the best possible quality at all times
  • FULL TRACEABILITY: Boasts the most full and complete traceability in the world - crafted in our own distillery from our own organic rose gardens utilizing our own source of healing underground spring water
  • MULTIPLE FEATURES: People Magazine (Best Summer Hair Tips from the Pros and Alteya's Rose Water: "In between washes, I mist my curls with rose water to refresh them"). New York Magazine, Recommended by Experts, Men with Glowing Skin and Alteya's Rose Water: "I spray organic rose water as a toner. It has all these antioxidants, and it’s good for inflammation and evening out my skin.
  • HAIRCARE BENEFITS: Has essential nutrients known to help with healthy hair and scalp. Known to improves hair shine and natural luster, promote hair growth by stimulating blood circulation, and may deeply moisturizes, restores and defines hair


Rejuvenating, uplifting and energising, softening and moisturising, therapeutic grade, for all skin types. Benefits: therapeutic, cleansing and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing, moisturising, promoting youthful appearance, rejuvenating, stimulating and harmonizing, digestion-stimulating, antiseptic, food and beverage flavour enhancer


Pure Organic Steam-distilled Rosa Damascena water. Steam-distilled from fresh Bulgarian Rosa Damascena rose blossoms.


Suggested use:Apply gently with a cotton ball onto your face and neck, morning and evening, after cleansing to tone and refresh skin.Mist it over your entire body after shower or to freshen up any time for a splash of gentle aroma.Massage the roots of washed hair or use as an invigorating hair rinse.Add a teaspoon to your morning tea or juice or in any culinary creation. Spray after: cleansing/shower, sun exposure, exercise/sports and during travel

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