BLACK+DECKER 240 V 2000 W High Performance Variable Speed Heat Gun KX2200K-GB for Paint Stripping with Kitbox

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BLACK+DECKER 240 V 2000 W High Performance Variable Speed Heat Gun for Paint Stripping with Kitbox, KX2200K-GB
Package Quantity:1
Style Name: Original packaging
  • Glass Protection Nozzle
  • Reduction Cone - concentrates heat into a smaller area for tough applications
  • Wide Nozzle - for working on larger work pieces
  • 50mm Flat Scraper
  • Reflector Nozzle - for working around pipes or in enclosed areas

Technical Details

Product Description

Black & Decker 2000 Watt Heat gun

See more of the Black & Decker 2000 Watt Heat gunThis High Performance 2000 Watt 2 speed heat gun from Black & Decker gives you maximum control in all heat gun applications, from removing tough coats of paint and varnish to drying new coats of filler. Other applications include thawing frozen water pipes and loosening rusted or seized nuts. Designed with a superior overmold for comfort, the tool can even stand upright on its built in stand when you are in between tasks. The 2 speed settings provides more control and ease of use, while the Auto reset thermostat feature detects the temperature in the heat gun and blows the fuse before the temperature gets too high.
Power and Durability
With a highly durable 2000 Watt motor and variable operating temperatures ranging between 85°C to 640°C the KX2200 is perfect for all serious DIY applications. This temperature variation couples to a 2 speed switch providing total control across the full application spectrum for this heat gun. The “Auto Reset Thermostat” protects the heat gun from burn out. It detects if the heat gun is getting too hot and shuts down the heating element, whilst continuing to run the cooling fan to blow air through the tool. Once the heating element has cools down the tool can be used again.
Ergonomic Design
The new KX2200 has been designed with the multiple applications in mind making the heat gun extremely versatile. The soft grip handle and light weight design makes it comfortable when being used over long periods of time. The large and flat rear housing enables the tool to be laid on its back freeing the users hands for applications such as pipe bending and adhesive setting. The 3m rubber cable enables the user to reach these high areas without the need for an extension cable.
Main Uses and applications
The primary application for a heat gun is paint removal. With the correct scrapping attachment it can be used for removing paint from doors, window frames, banisters and hand rails. The secondary applications include the thawing of frozen water pipes, loosening rusted or seized nuts, the bending or soldering of copper pipes and the lifting and removal of glued floor tiles.
Using the right Accessory
The KX2200 comes equipped with 8 different accessories for specific application. These include the reflector nozzle for working around pipes and in enclosed areas and the Glass protection nozzle for working on window frames. Other Accessories are also available such as a variety of scraper heads and a reduction cone fitting to concentrate heat into smaller areas.
The KX2200 has a safety feature to shut the heat gun down if the temperature of the element becomes too high – this is the ‘Thermal Fuse’. After switching off the Heat gun suspend from the handling hook to cool for at least thirty minutes, this allows safe holding when the gun is ready for storage. Attention should also be paid to ventilation, particularly when cleaning down or stripping paint.

A name you can trust

Over the past century, Black & Decker has become a household name, famous for high quality and innovative products. Making the job easier has always been at the forefront of Black & Decker’s mission. As a brand it constantly strives to simplify the world of DIY and create tools and products that make the task quicker and easier to perform.

Box Contains

  • 1 x KX2000 Heatgun
  • 1 x Reflector nozzle
  • 1 x Glass protection nozzle
  • 1 x Reduction cone
  • 1 x Wide nozzle
  • 1 x 50mm Flat scraper
  • 1 x Scraper handle with tear drop scraper head
  • 1 x Scraper head - multi sided (fits scraper handle)
  • 1 x Scraper head - triangular (fits scraper handle)

What's in the box?

  • 1 x KX2200K-GB Heat gun;1 x Reflector nozzle;1 x Glass protection nozzle;1 x Reduction cone;1 x Wide nozzle;1 x 50mm Flat scraper;1 x Scraper handle with tear drop scraper head;1 x Scraper head - multi sided (fits scraper handle);1 x Scraper head - triangular (fits scraper handle)

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