Blink Outdoor Camera Wall Mount Bracket-8093

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Blink Outdoor Camera Wall Mount Bracket-8093

Brand new - Outer box is torn or has previous label marks, no damage to the actual product except. Please see the listing pictures for more information

Product Information
  • Blink Outdoor Camera Wall Mount Bracket Weatherproof Protective Cover Case and 360 Degree Adjustable Mount for New Blink Outdoor Indoor Home Security Camera System
  • New Blink Mount 3pack
  • Brand EastKing

EastKing Blink camera mount

- The Blink mount full coverage for your New Blink Camera,protect your camera for all kinds of potential damage in any circumstance and prolong your device working life. The specially designed big camera hole will not block the camera's infrared emission, allowing the camera's night vision function Clear.

--!NOTE!: The camera is NOT included.

--!NOTE!: The mount is NOT suitable for Blink XT/XT2.

  • More comprehensive protection
  • Adjust the angle you need
  • High quality material
  • Easy to install
blink camera mount

Flexible Installation:

--1.You will receive a flexible rotation with 360-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt, allowing you to adjust the camera to point anywhere you want with any angle. --2.Screw-fixing design will give you more choice to mount your cameras, like the corner or the ceiling.
blink camera mount
blink camera mount
blink outdoor mount
blink outdoor camera mount

More Waterproof:

When it was tightened together by the cover, it made an actual water tight seal to prevent any water from leaking in and onto the USB plug or connection,makes the Blink camera more water-resistant.

Sun Shielding Protection

The blink camera mount has a sun shield on the top to help shade the glare,It reduces UV damage to the camera, and cameras that are directly exposed to sunlight will look more shabby after a period of time than cameras with a shell.

Snowing Preventtion

This mount can effectively protect your camera in case of snow in the north. The top brim can effectively cover the snow for the lens, so as to ensure the clarity of the camera.

Blow-down Prevention

Unlike original Latch-Buckle base, this blink mount bracket is equipped with screw-fixing base and make your Blink outdoor camera more stable both on wall outside. Prevent from getting a lot of false motion alerts when the wind blew and moved my camera itself.

Technical Details

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