Candy Induction Hob 5 Zone Glass-77cm-Black-CIFS85MCTT-0623

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The Candy induction range offers intuitive User Interface for every use, flexible configuration and smart solutions. Touch control induction hobs offer state of the art cooking technology. An electro-magnetic coil below the ceramic cooking surface is only activated when a saucepan with a ferrous metal base is place on it, making it safe, energy efficient and easy to use.


Link Power Zone

The Link Power Zone is designed to suit all sizes and shapes of cookware to let you cook in one big zone or in 2 small ones, according to your needs.

Link Power Zone

Power Management Induction

Power Management allows to automatically limit the power of the cooktop and avoid overloading.

Power Management


Booster function allows to temporarily increase the power of the selected cooking zone to speed up specific preparation phases.


Technical Specifications

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