CHIROGUN Muscle Gun Deep Tissue 15 Heads 30 Speed Electric Handheld Percussion Massager

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CHIROGUN Muscle Gun Deep Tissue 15 Heads 30 Speed Electric Handheld Percussion Massager

Looking for a way to help reduce muscle pain and tension? A massage gun might be the answer. This little device can provide relief in minutes and is perfect for use at home or on the go. Massage guns are becoming increasingly popular, and there are a number of different models available on the market today. In this Chirogun massage gun review, we will discuss its key features and how it can benefit you. The Chirogun massage gun’s ergonomic design and build are outstanding, and it looks almost identical to the handheld devices used by chiropractors. This gun massager has an LED panel that features touch controls. The 15 attachment heads might be confusing at first, but each one serves a specific purpose, which is detailed in the manual that comes with the equipment. Most of them are one-of-a-kind and will not be found in any other massage guns on the market. They also have a comfortable design so that you can utilize them to reach the appropriate spots. You’ll have to take some time finding out which ones are suited for various areas at first, but after you’ve mastered them, you’ll want to use the gun massage tool whenever you get the chance. In addition, the lacrosse bonus massage balls are useful if you prefer rolling them over your sore muscles rather than using the gun. The case is hard-shell with zippers and multiple pockets to keep your belongings organized when traveling. There is also a little hard case inside it that holds numerous head attachments so they don’t get misplaced. The massage gun is protected by cushioning in the case, which also makes storing and transporting portable products much simpler. With the Chirogun body massager, you can have all of this at an affordable price.


The Chirogun Massage Gun can operate for up to six hours on a single charge owing to its 2500 mAh capacity battery. It has a handy indication on the screen that tells you when it needs to recharge. It charges in two hours, which isn’t terrible given how long the battery lasts. You also cannot use this muscle massager gun when it is plugged in.

This personal massage gun comes with its own wall charger that works with a 24-volt power supply. It is not, however, USB-chargeable, which limits your charging alternatives to the power cable.


Noise reduction keeps the Chirogun massage gun ahead of its competitors. According to the manufacturer, this massage gun’s battery uses advanced noise reduction technology to provide a silent and pleasurable massage. The Chirogun massage gun has been tested, and even at its maximum speed level, it is extremely quiet.


Percussion has a good range of roughly 1800 to 3200 percussion per minute. With a 30-speed feature to pick from, you’ll be able to experience a broad variety of pulses when unwinding. However, having so many different massage speeds to pick from is not necessarily a good thing. Since the touchscreen isn’t always as responsive as you would like it to be, you may have to click the button several times before reaching your target. Furthermore, there isn’t much of a distinction between two succeeding speeds. It would’ve been preferable if there were only five to six speeds to choose from.     FEATURES
  • 15 Heads and 2 Bonus massage balls included - the Chirogun percussion massager includes a market leading 15 head attachments, a tool included for massaging every muscle in your body promoting circulation and helping to accelerate both warm-up and recovery. Plus, the set includes a case simplifying storage and transportation.
  • 30 adjustable speed levels - our handheld massage gun offers 30 different speed levels up to 3200 rpm. Whether it's a muscle relaxation after exercise or a daily body massage, you can easily find the vibration amplitude that suits you best .
  • 2550mah fast-charging & long-life battery - the deep tissue massage gun equipped with a 1A/25.2V adapter meaning it charges fast. The 2550mah capacity battery means the brushless high-torque motor in this gun massager can be continuously run for 6 hours.
  • Quiet and easily handheld – this muscle massager gun utilises the latest technology in noise reduction. Even at the maximum speed level, the gun massager for muscle will not exceed 60db. Plus, the ergonomic design means this product is comfortable and easy to use.

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