Daewoo Jug Kettle-Cordless 1.7L,2200W 8696

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Daewoo 1.7L, 2200W Fast Boil Cordless Jug Kettle-8696

Slightly Used with a small cosmetic mark on the plugplate and the kettle-Tested and in full working order.please see listing pictures for more details

Product information
  • Safe to use - This kettle is designed with inbuilt boil dry protection via the stainless steel heating element, It will automatically switch off once the water inside has reached boiling temperature
  • Coloured indicator lights - Utilising lights to indicate the kettle's status, The blue light will display when the kettle is placed on the base and switched off and the red light will illuminate when the kettle is switched on and heating
  • Big clear water window - The kettle is fitted with a big clear water window that allows you to quickly and easily see how much water you have inside the jug
  • Stainless steel locking lid - the kettle is fitted with a safety stainless steel locking lid that works to prevent against any unwanted accidental spills
  • 1. 7L cordless Jug - with a large 1. 7L capacity you will have plenty of water for tea, coffee or other hot drinks, The kettle is also easy to use thanks to its cordless design

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