DEJI Genuine Gtech Replacement Battery for Gtech Multi Handheld Vacuum (Multi MK2 (ATF006)) Only, 22V 2000mAh Li-ion

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Gtech Multi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Replacement Battery Designed to provide up to 20 minutes of cordless, vacuuming action, the Gtech Multi vacuum battery takes just four hours to fully charge. This battery is compatiable with the latest Multi model (2016 onwards). Please check which model you own using this visual guide. For large-scale jobs, keeping a second vacuum battery ready for use will enable you to carry on cleaning for longer. Alternativley, if your current battery needs replacing, it’s quick and easy to do without the need to buy a new vacuum cleaner. Lithium-ion batteries benefit from a slow loss of charge when not in use, meaning you can keep a spare vacuum battery ready to go at any time. The Gtech Multi professional grade 22V lithium-ion vacuum cleaner battery takes just four hours to fully recharge, but a one hour charge provides enough power for a quick cleaning burst. Fitting your replacement vacuum battery Gtech Multi batteries are easy to fit. To replace the battery, simply push the green buttons on the side of the old Gtech battery and pull the current battery away from the main unit. The new, fully charged battery will simply click into place. When disposing of your old cordless vacuum cleaner battery please do so in a responsible manner and recycle accordingly. Visit for advice on recycling and to find your nearest recycling facilities. Whether you are adding a second battery for your cordless vacuum or replacing your current battery, please confirm which version of Multi you own using this visual guide to ensure that you order the correct battery for your product.

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