DeWalt DCB116-GB 18v / 54v Multi Voltage Li-Ion Battery Charger 4166

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DeWalt DCB116-GB 18v / 54v Multi Voltage Li-Ion Battery Charger 4166

The Dewalt 6Ah Single Port Charger DCB116-GB is an ideal charger for trade professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts. It has been designed with an improved state of charge indicator to give the user full control and understanding of the charge in hand. It has screw head slots making wall mounting an easy option, this is brilliant for workshops to save you having to find somewhere to store the charger and get it out every time you need to use it. The latching mechanism holds the battery in place securely for safety and ease when charging. This charger can charge 12V XR Dewalt batteries, 18V XR Dewalt batteries and 54V XR Flex Volt Batteries. Features
  • Latching Mechanism for secure connection with batteries
  • Screw head slots for wall mounting
  • Improved State of Charge Indicator
Charging Time:
  • Charge time for 1.3Ah Battery - 22mins
  • Charge time for 1.5Ah Battery - 22mins
  • Charge time for 2Ah Battery (DCB183 / 2.0Ah) - 30mins
  • Charge time for 3Ah Battery - 45mins
  • Charge time for 4Ah Battery (DCB182 / 4.0Ah) - 45/60mins
  • Charge time for 5Ah Battery (DCB184 / 5.0Ah) - 60/75mins
  • Charge time for 6Ah Battery (DCB546 / 6.0Ah) - 80mins
  • Charge time for 9Ah Battery (DCB547 / 9.0Ah) - 110mins
  • Charge time for 12Ah Battery (DCB548 / 12.0Ah) - 150mins
Note: Charger only / Batteries are not included

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