Dulcolax Adult 5 mg Gastro-resistant Tablets -1894

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Dulcolax Adult 5 mg Gastro-resistant Tablets -1894

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Dulcolax Adult 5 mg gastro-resistant tablets work overnight in 6-12 hours with your body to effectively relieve you from occasional constipation. If you take it at night, you should be able to go to the toilet in the morning, in the comfort of your own home. Dulcolax Adult works with your body by stimulating the bowel muscle to promote a bowel movement. These laxative tablets have a gastro-resistant coating, so it works where needed, the tablets are small in size so easy to swallow and easy to take on the go when travelling. MAT-GB-2002744 (v2.0) November 2021
  • Dulcolax Adult tablets are a laxative that work with your body for effective constipation relief
  • Dulcolax Adult tablets work overnight within 6 to 12 hours to relieve constipation while you sleep
  • Dulcolax Adult tablets work by stimulating the bowel muscles to promote a bowel movement similar to the way the body naturally does
  • Dulcolax Adult tablets are small in size so easy to swallow and take on the go when travelling
  • Dulcolax Adult tablets have a gastro-resistant coating so that the products works where needed

Self-care is the first step to going comfortably

Dulcolax 20 tablets
Dulcolax 20 tablets
Dulcolax 20 tablets

Eat a high-fibre diet

Eating foods high in fibre like wheat bran is key to keeping your bowels running smoothly. Try to eat about 30g of fibre every day.

Drink plenty of water

Not drinking enough fluids can cause constipation so it's important to stay hydrated and drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Remember to exercise

Keep things going easily by exercising regularly. A daily walk or run can make going more comfortable.

Safety Warning

Caution: if laxatives are needed for more than five days in a row, or if symptoms persist, in particular if you have persistent abdominal pain or are passing blood, consult your doctor. Do not take if you have an intestinal obstruction, an inflammatory gastrointestinal disorder, or severe dehydration, or if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or breast-feeding. Keep out of the sight and reach of children

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