DYKOOK Bunion Sleeve with Bunion Relief Pads-Black & L-22826

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DYKOOK Bunion Sleeve with Bunion Relief Pads-Black & L-22826

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The main function of DYKOOK Bunion Relief Sleeves is to relieve pain from hallux valgus, bunion, overlapping toe or ease big toe joint pain, calluses & blisters pain, prevent foot friction.Bunion protector sleeves sock is fit for feet of most sizes,and suitable for walking, running, sleeping and other activities daytime and night。
  • [ Immediately Relieve Bunion Pain ] DYKOOK bunion relief sleeve lasting relieve bunion/hallux valgus and big toe joint pain due to friction or extrusion in shoe.As a oval silicone pad injected into the inner layer of the Lycra fabric ,which is extremely comfortable and very gentle to padded and protect the big toe bone joint and prevent shoes from rubbing against the bunion.Comfortable for touchy tendons and bunions.
  • [ Prevent Calluses & Blisters ] Bunion cushions protect the toe area at the site of calluses, and blisters, alleviate the discomfort or prevent big toe side skin cause calluses, and blistering due to friction of shoes. Soft silicone bunion pad on the side of the big toe bone, which can effectively prevent the outside of the big toe from being squeezed and rubbed in various types of shoes, preventing calluses or blisters.
  • [ Two Size of Most Comfortable Bunion Corrector Sleeves for Men & Women ] Big toe bunion pain relief sleeves with wrap design that well wrap the forefoot with good elasticity and strong extensibility.Bunion pads sleeves have small (s for women uk size 3-7)and large (l for men uk size 7-11.5)size to suit for little feet and big feet for women and men.
  • [ Don’t Slip Off & Easy to Use & Washable and Reusable ] Bunion relief gel pad guards is soft but not slippery, it fit the feet so much and easy to wear.The non-deformable, highly durable material and solid craftsmanship could withstand repeated washing and repeated use.
  • [ Wear Day and Night ] Bunion sleeves composed of high quality lycra fabric and soft gel pads, the tightness is suitable , not strangling the feet so walking more comfortable. Wearing bunion pads socks at night to sleep will no sense of restraint and well protected the feet whole night stay in place , extreme relief foot fatigue. Lightweight, breathable and sweat-wicking material that can be worn in any shoe, cushions and protects your feet from all kind of shoes.
 Why need bunion corrector socks? (1). Friction from shoes - Need bunion protector sleeves with gel cushions to protect feet and prevent friction (2). Big toe joint pain – Wear this breathable orthopedic bunion corrector brace protector to guard toe bones to prevent getting more worse. (3). Suffer from hallux valgus,bunion pain – Need bunion relief sleeves for women and men to ease feet pain. (4). If you are in the primary or intermediate stages of bunion, wearing DYKOOK bunion corrector sleeve to relieve mild to moderate bunions by gently realigning big toe.

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