Job Lot For Spare or Repair - Mix Candy and Hoover Kitchen Appliance Bundles Sold as seen

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Job Lot For Spare or Repair - Mix Candy and Hoover Kitchen Appliance Bundles Sold as seen

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These products were returned from customers or need to be repaired or has external cosmetic defects (scratches, dents) or is suitable for parts, some may be missing accessories, some may be used - No return accepted. RRP for below job is over £15K. Delivery can be arrange, or free collection in person. UK delivery per pallet will cost £60 available 4 pallets. Cannot be split, cannot be sold individually, selling all pallets as one Job lot. Job lots with large kitchen appliances are a great way to save money on high-quality appliances for your home or business. These lots typically include a range of large kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, cooker hoods, hobs, washing machines and dishwashers, that are sold together at a discounted price. One of the primary benefits of purchasing job lots with large kitchen appliances is the cost savings. Buying appliances in bulk can often result in significant discounts compared to buying each appliance individually. This can be especially beneficial for businesses or individuals who need to furnish multiple properties or kitchens.   Items in Pallet №1:
  1. Candy FCP605X/E/S
  2. Hoover HOXC3B3158IN
  3. Hoover HOC3H3058IN
  4. Candy FCP403X/E
  5. Hoover HOAZ7801IN/E
  6. Hoover HOC3B3258IN
  7. Candy FCTS886X WIFI
  8. Hoover HOC3H3058IN
  9. Candy FCP403X/E
  10. Candy FCP403X/E
  11. Hoover HOC3BF3058IN
  12. Candy FCT405X
  13. Hoover hdg9dck3b
Items in Pallet №2:
  1. Beko BBQE222X + HBQC222X
  2. GoodHome Bamia GHOM71
  3. Neue FNS201X
  4. Neue FN9D415X
  5. Candy BCTD H7A1TE
  6. Candy CDG6MBGG
  7. Neue NCE90NX/1
  8. Candy CCE90NN
  9. Candy CDG9MBGG
  10. Neue NVMA90NN
  11. Hoover HH64BV
  12. Candy CBP613NGR/S
  13. Candy CI642C/E1
  14. Hoover HPWD 140/1N
  15. Candy CHW6LPX
  16. Hoover HPWD 140/1N
Items in Pallet №3:
  1. Candy CBP613NGR/S
  2. Candy CGM60NN
  3. Candy CBP613NGR
  4. Baumatic BT10.3GL
  5. Candy CCE60NX/S
  6. Candy CCE60NX/S
  7. Candy CCE60NX/S
  8. Candy CCE60NX/S
  9. Candy CBP613NGR/S
  10. Neue NBG52NXS
  11. Hoover HCE160N/1
  12. Hoover HBG750X
  13. Candy CBP613NGR
  14. Candy CBP613NGR/S
  15. Candy CGM70NX
Items in Pallet №4:
  1. Candy CGM60NX/1
  2. Baumatic BER600BL
  3. Candy CGM60NX/1
  4. Candy CCE60NN
  5. Candy CGM90NN
  6. Candy CBG625/1N
  7. Candy CCE60NX/1
  8. Hoover HGM610NN
  9. Hoover HGM900X
  10. Haier HAIH8IFMCF
  11. Candy CVMAD60/1N
  12. Hoover HDG6DCK3B

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