Kleenex Tissues - Original Tissues- 2 box 8323

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Kleenex Tissues - Original Tissues- 2 box 8323

Brand new - Outer box is torn or has previous label marks, no damage to the actual product. Please see listing pictures for more information Product Information Desperately dabbing a spillage? Stifling a sneeze? Mopping up after the kids at home? Whatever life throws at you, make sure you're ready for it with Kleenex Original tissues – your everyday champion. Grab Kleenex. We’ve got your back. Kleenex Original tissues are soft and strong, ready to take on any of life’s challenges. Made for tackling messes head on, they are there for you when you need them most. There for sorting out dirty hands and catching rogue coughs and sneezes – what's more, they still have that soft, smooth texture you know and love. Wave goodbye to spills, sneezes and splats. Pick up a single pack of Kleenex Original tissues, ready to catch life’s unexpected messes. No need to panic about any pigeons swooping overhead. You’ve got it sussed. Made with strong, sustainably sourced fibres, Kleenex Original tissues are a comforting companion, always standing by to clean you up – the way we always have. Take on colds, messes and spills. Kleenex tissues are ready for any task, whether   you're at home or on the move. Bring on the mess. 100% recyclable.

Ever so soft, oh so strong

Wipe away tears, clean up snotty winter noses and mop up messes with ease with Kleenex Original tissues. Our tissues are tough enough to handle every challenge life sends your way, but still soft enough to leave your skin or nose feeling fresh and comforted.

Life is messy, bring it on!

Whether you're nursing a sniffly nose or you’re worried about the tomato soup spill on your top, grab Kleenex and carry on your day without a hitch. We’re familiar with all messes, that’s why we’ve crafted the perfect tissue to combat chaos.

Not just for noses

Life is messy, be ready for anything with Kleenex Original tissues. Stop sneezes in their tracks, wipe away tears and clean up sticky messes with minimal fuss, every time. For every challenge and every day, make sure you have Kleenex Original tissues by your side.

Doing our bit for the planet

We're as committed to reducing plastic waste as we are to looking after you and your family. That's why Kleenex Original tissue boxes are 100% recyclable and we are constantly looking at ways to reduce and reuse as much plastic as we can across our range. Kleenex Original tissues are sustainably sourced, strong and soft, perfect for dealing with sneezes, spills, or sauce.

Sneeze away

Whether you're at home or on the go, Kleenex Original tissues are there for you. Available in a range of designs and sizes, from classic single-pack boxes to pocket packs for battling sneezes and messes on the move.

Grab Kleenex

Noses, honkers, beaks... call them what you will, we've all got 'em. And sometimes they just need a bit of love, especially when it comes to sneezing, wiping and blowing. Show them you care with soft, comforting, reliable tissues.

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