KLH Audio Ultimate One Audiophile Headphone Ebony 0307

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KLH Audio Ultimate One Audiophile Headphone Ebony 0307

KLH Audio Ultimate One Headphones are beautifully designed with real ebony earcups for a classic, and premium quality look. Paired with the large pure beryllium driver, the Ultimate One head-phones are sure to deliver an exciting audio performance and musicality. 

Comfortable Fit

Designed for the audiophile, these open back headphones feature an over-ear design which cradles the whole ear within their soft ear pads. These earpads are made with super soft lambskin, as well as the headband for the ultimate comfort for any length listening session.

Ebony Ear Cups

A star feature of these headphones is the stunning real ebony wood ear cups. Made from sustainable wood and covering the cowhide leather outer sections of the ear pads, these headphones not only look great but they are made to last.

Pure Beryllium Driver

The open back design is ideal for any audio enthusiast looking for a high-fidelity headphone experience. The 50mm pure beryllium driver powers the headphones for an exceptional musical response. The frequency response reaches down to 18hZ for an accurate sound reproduction.

Key Features

- Over Ear, Open Back Audiophile Design - Large, 50mm Pure Beryllium Driver for musical response - Lambskin covered earpads for supreme comfort, Leather covered band for durability 

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