Lékué Non Spill Baking Sheet-Roll Cake, 400 x 300 x 12 mm Brown 7658

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Lékué 400 x 300 x 12 mm Non Spill Baking Sheet for Roll Cake, Brown 7658

Product Information


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Flexible and non-stick
  • Material: Platinum silicone

Colour: Brown

Product Description

Lekue non-spill baking sheet lets you to prepare sweet or savoury rolls. Made of platinum silicon. Being flexible and non stick, the baking sheet is particularly easy to use to roll up the dough. Very easy to use and store. Can be used in a microwave. Dishwasher safe.

Box Contains

Baking Sheet

From the manufacturer


Doble use

Use it as a baking mat for kneading and baking, including liquid batter or as a non-spill baking sheet ideal for preparing Swiss Roll cakes and other roll cakes.

To prepare Swiss Roll:




High Quality

Easy baking

Thanks to its edges which keep the dough in while it is baked. You will obtain a perfect 40×30 cm. rectangular base.

Easy rolling up

The baking sheet elasticity is ideal for rolling the baked dough up and getting a perfect Swiss roll.


The baking sheet is used during the whole cake preparation process. Bake and roll up the batter, add the filling and decorate.

High Quality material

Made of 100% platinum silicone,

Non-stick, easy to clean up and store.


Non-Spill Baking Sheet

Mat is made of 100% platinum silicone, which guarantees heat resistance and non-stick properties. Its borders allow it to be used for preparing liquid batter.


Who We Are?

Lékué is a specialized brand in kitchen products which was born in Barcelona in 1980. We are designers and manufacturers offering unique and efficient solutions to products, gadgets and utensils of high quality and durability which will help you in the kitchen, thanks to smart design and will even change the face of traditional cooking.

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