Lumare 50W LED spotlight with motion detector 4000lm floodlight lamp 3000K 5653

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LED spotlight 50W motion detector

Lumare – simply good light

The highest quality standards

Lumare LED quality floodlights are produced to the highest quality standards and produce stylish lighting with excellent luminosity and first-class, warm white, flicker-free light. The robust, IP65 water-protected aluminium housing and the integrated IP68 cable connector ensure the safe, reliable operation of the Lumare LED quality floodlights. With a beam angle of 120 ° there is a large and friendly illumination.

Economical 50W LED technology

The powerful and economical 50W LED technology lights up at full brightness, directly after switching on. With Lumare LED you achieve the best lighting results, comparable to conventional 350W halogen floodlights, and protect the environment – while at the same time saving costs. A reliable motion detector with a brightness sensor ensures reliable operation.

Important advantages at a glance

  • Reliable motion detector, high luminosity
  • Flicker-free, comfortably warm light
  • Energy-saving 50W LED replaces conventional 350W
  • High-color rendering for an authentic photo
  • Permanently high-quality standard

Lumaro kitchen feel warm white

Lumare LED floodlight conversion

Lumare guarantee high quality

Lumare LED floodlight ambience

Light to feel good

Choose the lighting solutions that are right for you from our large range for your feel-good atmosphere at home.

Lumare LEDs provide natural, pleasant light for the highest demands with extremely low power consumption.

Professional retrofitting

Lumare LEDs can easily be exchanged for the original bulbs. Keep your conventional lights and simply upgrade to modern LED technology without sacrificing the original aesthetics and quality of light.

Reliable technology

Lumare floodlights are manufactured to the highest quality standards and production is constantly monitored. Lumare offers you excellent quality, durability and reliability thanks to the latest technology.

Natural, pleasant light

Thanks to the high color rendering index (CRI) of the Lumare product family, you get unadulterated, vivid light without annoying diffuse colors. Specially coordinated components create a soft, flicker-free light image.

Product Information

Technical details


brand Lumare
Item weight 912 g
Package dimensions 23.9 x 21.3 x 5.4 cm
Manufacturer reference 43624
item number 43624
Degree of protection IP65
Number of items 1

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