Meross Smart Radiator Thermostat, White-2678

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Meross Smart Radiator Thermostat, White-2678

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    • ⭐ONE HUB FOR 16 THERMOSTATS: The radiator thermostat requires a HomeKit compatible hub to connect to the network. One HomeKit compatible hub serves 16 thermostats. But be careful: the MTS150HK thermostat only works with the HomeKit compatible hub. Please check if there is a HomeKit compatible hub in your home before purchasing it. If you have it, purchase the thermostat without Hub (MTS150HK), if you do not have it, purchase the thermostat with Hub (MTS150HHK).
    • ⭐THERMOSTATIC HEAD CONNECTED WITH VOICE COMMAND AND REMOTE CONTROL: The thermostat head is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Apple Watch, AirPods, Amazon Alexa, Echo, Echo Dot, Google Assistant, Google Home and Google Nest, just give a voice command to adjust the temperature. You can also turn your heater on or off via the meross or Home app anywhere with internal access.
    • ⭐OPEN WINDOW DETECTION & 5 ADJUSTABLE MODES: When the window opens and the room temperature suddenly drops, the Wi-Fi thermostatic valve will send you a notification to remind you and automatically turn off the heating for 30 minutes to avoid wasting energy. You can adjust the thermostat based on the use of each room: manual mode, automatic mode, heating mode, cooling mode and energy saving mode.
    • ⭐TIME & AUTOMATIC PROGRAM FUNCTION: It's time for a smart home to customize a schedule for your appliances. The temperature range of the thermostat is 5 C to 35 C. You can set up automatic heating in the Meross app, which supports up to 6 period settings. Never come home in the cold. The program function automatically turns the hot water radiator on and off based on your daily routine.
    • ⭐6 TYPES OF CONNECTORS: Thermostat valve size is M30*1.5mm, we offer 6 kinds of adapter (Danfoss RA Adapter, Danfoss RAV Adapter, Danfoss RAV Adapter, Giacomini Adapter, Caleffi Adapter, M28*1.5 Adapter) suitable for most radiators

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