Method Wood Floor Cleaner (739 ml)-7233

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Method Wood Floor Cleaner (739 ml)-7233

Brand new - No Carton- no damage to the actual product. Please see listing pictures for more information

Product information
  • Non wax formula that is biodegradable
  • Squirt and mop - bucket free floor cleaning
  • Non-toxic floor cleaner
  • Sweet almond fragrance
  • Specially formulated for all kinds of floors: wood, stone, tile or laminate

Wood Floor Cleaner

It’s good to be wood Is it a floor cleaner? yes. does it smell better than the majority of dishes you’ve cooked? absolutely. the best part? this little no-wax, non-toxic number works as well as it smells, leaving your wood floor looking better than it has in ages. why wood you use anything else?


Almond Rich. nutty. good with chocolate. if these were clues in a game show, you’d guess almond. and you would be right. of course, the answer could also be macadamia. or willy wonka

Technical Details

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