OSTONIQ Joint Pain Relief Cream 60G-40002

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OSTONIQ Joint Pain Relief Cream 60G-40002

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OSTONIQ is a topical application cream to reduce joint pain related with joint wear and tear or related pain, improve joint flexibility and mobility.

OSTONIQ is formulated with natural active therapeutic ingredients that elevate inflammation and produce a fast and long-lasting calming effect for joints pain and muscle stiffness or related conditions.

Effective for knee/hip joint pain, back pain, ankle sprain, sports stress to joint, shoulder pain, hip pain, muscle pain-related conditions, and plantar fasciitis pain.

OSTONIQ formula facilitate Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM to pass through, which constantly provides lubrication to the joints, help to fight against joint swelling and stiffness associated with joint wear & tear which help normalise daily activities makes it favourite for your joint care.

Effective for joint-related conditions due to physical activities, muscles pain and joint wear & tear. Also helps carry out daily activities by reducing pain for stiff and tense muscles, ligaments and joints.

OSTONIQ is an effective and natural solution for your joint care with high absorption capability through skin.

HOW TO USE OSTONIQ: External topical use only. Apply 3 to 4 applications a day according to inflammatory and pain symptoms. When applying a small amount of cream to the painful area, massage with gentle circular movements. Do not apply near the eyes, mucous membranes, or open wounds.

  • Reduce inflammation, Improve joint flexibility & mobility, and Reduce stiffness
  • Suitable for patients on multi-medication for on going use without any known side-effects
  • Clinically proven formula
  • Drug-free treatment using Natural Ingredients
Targeting Source of Pain


Active ingredients in OSTONIQ rapidly absorb through the skin barrier, targeting source point of pain to provide effectively pain relief.


Move with Confidence
Clinically Proven Formula
Helps to Restore Movements
Clinically Proven For Sensitive Skin

Move with Confidence

Natural and long-lasting formula Effective from the first application that relieves inflammation states in minutes.

Research based Formula

Scientific formula can be used alongside traditional pain medications to relieve pain, provide long-lasting soothing effect.

Helps to Restore Movements

Lubricate joints with High Efficiency help reduce further joint deterioration (wear and tear) leading to improve joint flexibility, mobility.

Suitable for all Skin Type

Suitable for all skin type including Sensitive skin.

Pleasant aroma with soothing cool effect does not produce a thermal sensation of heat.

Natural Ingredients

Drug Free formula which makes OSTONIQ suitable for long term use without any known side effects.

Help Reduce Joint Pain and Support Recovery

OSTONIQ works reliably to relieves pain and reduce inflammation to support and speed up your body’s natural healing process to helps accelerate your recovery.

Technical Details

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