Piega Master Line Source 2 Floor Standing Speaker

Sale price£599.99


The Master Line Source 2 is a smaller version of the Master Line Source, which can also be integrated in normal living rooms. IMPRESSIVE APPEARANCE Although the MLS 2, with a total weight of 93 kg, is considerably lighter than the MLS with its 176 cm height, it is slightly taller and is thus also the largest of PIEGA's loudspeakers. BRILLIANT MIDRANGE/TWEETER SOUND Four Line Source Driver ribbons ensure unforgettable sound reproduction for all midrange and high frequencies. SOLID BASS POWER Two 220 mm UHQD subwoofers and two equally sized UHQD passive membranes radiating at the back provide a powerful bass sound. ACOUSTIC LENSES The rear acoustic lenses distribute the sound so expansively that it is possible to place a dipole speaker in the room like a conventional loudspeaker. SWISS DESIGN The MLS two was developed in close collaboration with Swiss designer Stephan Hürlemann and is available in four different cabinet designs.

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