Schellenberg 50151 Roller Shutter Belt Winder Surface-Mounted Hinged System-11510

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Schellenberg 50151 Roller Shutter Belt Winder Surface-Mounted Hinged System-11510

Brand new - The outer box is torn or has previous label marks, and there is no damage to the actual product. Please see the listing pictures for more information

Product information
  • Robust and high quality - Robust 180° swivelling and hinged surface-mounted belt winder for screwing on the wall. Dimensions (W x H x D): 22 x 165 x 140 mm, octagonal shaft diameter: 40 mm
  • System Mini - For roller shutter straps with a width of 14 mm
  • Quick assembly - Easy and quick assembly, without opening the roller shutter box (if the existing roller shutter belt is reused). Fixing hole spacing: 15.5cm
  • Design - Thanks to its timeless design, the belt winder fits into almost any living environment.
  • Box contents: 50151 belt winder surface-mounted screw-on winder for 14 mm belt, mini roller shutter winder, foldable, 180° swivel, colour: white

Mini Screw-On Winder Swivelling and Fold-Up Belt Winder for Wall Mounting - White

The Schellenberg mini screw-on winder for mounting on the wall is suitable for belt straps with a width of 14 mm (system MINI). The belt winder has a hole spacing of 15.5 cm and is mounted on the plaster directly on the wall or the window frame.

The screw-on winder can be swivelled by 180°. A roller shutter belt is not included. The existing webbing can therefore be used so that the shutter box does not have to be opened during installation. As the belt winder can be opened, the belt can be quickly and easily attached to the winder.

Assembly instructions:

Close the roller shutter completely. Remove the roller shutter belt from the belt winder housing until it stops and cut there. Remove the old belt winder housing. Mount the belt winder on the wall or the window frame. Open the belt winder and attach the roller shutter belt to the spring drum.

Assembly instructions:

Gently loosen the securing of the spring drum and allow the roller blind belt to roll up slowly. Close the belt winder.

To retract the roller shutter belt into the belt winder, separate assembly instructions are included in the scope of delivery.

Technical details

Dimensions: 25 x 165 x 140 mm hole spacing: 15.5 cm Colour: White Shutter Strap, Length: up to 5.0 m, Width: 14 mm system: Mini.

Box contents:

  • 1x screw-on winder, hinged
  • 1 x assembly instructions (English language not guaranteed).

Technical Details


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