Bulk Hypoallergenic Biodegradable Baby Wet Wipe Multi-Pack of 12-0900

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Bulk Hypoallergenic Biodegradable Baby Wet Wipe Multi-Pack of 12-0900

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Look after your baby’s skin and the world they live in with Mum & You 100% biodegradable* wipes with 100% recyclable** packaging. These Green Seal-certified plant-based wipes contain 99.4% water for ultimate kindness to baby’s skin. The wipes are made from PEFC-certified sustainably sourced forest wood pulp-based viscose fibres. They’re suitable for composting‡ too.

They are soft, strong and fragrance-free and are suitable for use from birth as they are as gentle as cotton wool and water. Not just for nappy changes, but mild enough for hand and face clean-ups too. We’re really proud to have moved our wipes packaging into a recycle-ready pack**, which can be recycled with soft plastics and carrier bags at larger supermarkets, and at kerbside where facilities exist; helping less plastic packaging end up in landfill.

And our pack design is looking a little different too! We know that wipes are an everyday essential, but that’s no reason for them to look uninspiring!

We’ve introduced our Nappychat characters to brighten your day and help inspire chat about colours, shapes and characters at change time.

There are 6 assorted designs available – one for every room in the house, the change bag, the car and anywhere else we know you need to keep wipes handy! And although our packs are now bright and fun, our wipes are still as mild, gentle and suitable for baby’s sensitive skin as ever.

mum and you baby wipes

Mum & You baby wipes are plant-based wipes made using PEFC-certified sustainably sourced viscose, which ensures that although the wood pulp derived viscose is forest-based, it’s use does not contribute to deforestation.

Being biodegradable* is important to use as it means today’s mess won’t be a problem for tomorrow’s generation. Our tests show that our wipes break down quickly after they are thrown away; in as little as 15 days, even in landfill conditions*. They’re suitable for composting‡ too.

  • 672 Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically Tested, Award Winning, Environmentally Considerate Baby Wet Wipes, Supplied in 12 Individual Packs of 56 Sheets. Suitable for New Born Babies and Sensitive Skin
  • Strong, Soft, Fragrance Free Wet Wipes with Sustainably Sourced, Naturally Derived, Viscose along with Minimal, Handpicked, Moisturising Ingredients that are as Gentle on your Baby as Cotton and Water
  • Mum & You Baby Wet Wipes are Biodegradable, Disintegrating in Around 3 Days (4 Days Faster than an Apple Core!). The Outer Packaging Can be Recycled with Other Soft Plastics at your Local Supermarket
  • Good for up to 3 Months After Opening Thanks to the 99.4% Water Composition, These Baby Wet Wipes are not Just Kind to the Environment and Your Baby's Bottom, They are Financially Considerate As well!
  • Mum & You's Mum and Baby Products Include, Flushable Toilet Wipes, Anti-Bacterial Wipes and Environmentally Considerate Nappy Pants with Perfectly Formulated Skin Products to Help Mum Feel Great Too!
mum and you baby wipes

Created by mums, for mums. Mum & You plastic free‡‡, plant-based 100% biodegradable* baby wipes are made from PEFC-certified sustainably sourced and naturally derived viscose fibres, which break down quickly after throwing away, even in landfill. Our testing in simulated landfill conditions, showed our wipes biodegrade in as little as 15 days. Plus they’re suitable for composting‡ too!

Mum & You baby wipes are mild and gentle, and dermatologically tested, so our wipes will always be suitable for the most sensitive newborn and eczema prone skin. Lovingly designed and responsibly made in the UK.


Wipes; Aqua (Purified Water), Sodium Benzoate (Part of the remaining 0.5% not naturally derived ingredients), Sodium Citrate (Plant), Myristamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate (Part plant, part synthetic), Sodium Gluconate (Plant), Citric Acid (Plant) - Every ingredient is hypoallergic; suitable for sensitive & eczema prone skin

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