Ear Plugs for Sleep, Super Soft Foam Ear Plugs, 38 db Highest SNR, 60 Pairs Reusable Foam Earplug 22834

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Ear Plugs for Sleep, Super Soft Foam Ear Plugs, 38 db Highest SNR, 60 Pairs Reusable Foam Earplug 22834

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Product information

  • [High-efficiency Anti-noise] : Foam earplugs carry 38dB SNR, competent to block out loud noises for hearing protection, shut out distractions when sleeping and aid concentration when studying. Serene experience wherever you may go( Note: Not Completely Sound Insulation.)
  • [Soft & Comfortable] : Ear plugs for sleeping noise cancelling reusable use special slow-rebound memory foam formula, earplugs have high material density, slow rebound time, soft and comfortable, and are suitable for almost any size of ear canal.
  • [Safe & Practical] : The package comes with 60 pairs ear plugs, with the reusable 2-3 times, and enough for your whole family to use. These foam earplugs can be used to replace the old one or use as a backup, can protect your hearing for a long time.
  • [Hypoallergenic] : This ear plugs quality, non-toxic, Hypoallergic and Soft, Wearing for a long time, the ears will not cause pressure, pain, irritation or itching, While providing you with the required noise reduction effect, it also protects sensitive ears!
  • [Easy to Carry] : Each set of earplugs come with a compact keychain travel case, convenient carrying and saving at anywhere. Screwed sealing ensures hearing protection earplugs from moisture, dust and debris, keeps your earplugs hygienic.
  • [Multiple Uses] : Recommended applications include studying, sleeping, shooting, flying, concerts, motorcycle,sports events, fireworks display, woodworking, vacuuming, mowing, drilling and all noisy environments.

Product Description

ear plugs

You might have bought a lot of Soft Foam Earplugs but none of them is not very satisfying. Try this new product, I believe it is exactly what you have been looking for.

Are you fed up with your snoring spouse, roommate, or dog?

Are you having trouble falling asleep for a long time?

Are you crazy about being plagued by noisy neighbors, barking dogs, and crying children?

Are you unable to concentrate on your studies due to the conversation?

Are you Whether you live near noisy streets and construction sites?

Are you intolerant of the noise of the plane taking off and landing?

If your answer is “yes”, then you need our Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs to help you solve these troubles.

Ear Plugs for Sleep

Special feature:

1: High-quality polyurethane foam, gentle on skin, no irritation.

2: Tapered end, for added comfort, fits all different ear canals shapes and won’t fall out the ear.

3: Convenient keychain travel can holds a pair of earplugs.

4: Smooth exterior helps prevent dirt buildup .

5: Ear plugs non-toxic, Hypoallergic and Soft, Wearing for a long time, the ears will not cause pressure, pain, irritation or itching.

6: Soft & Slow rebound, Softness directly affects the comfort of wearing foam ear plugs,the longer the rebound time, the better the quality.

7: 60 pairs ear plugs serve you for a longer period of time Ingredients, from Box Contains 120 earplugs.

Super Soft Foam Ear Plugs
Reusable Foam Earplug for ship
ear plugs
Ear Plugs
Ear Plugs
Ear Plugs

Warm Tips:

1. These ear plugs do not block 100% of the sound, but lower the sound. So you can still hear the alarm clock or emergency.

2. When the sleep ear plugs for side sleepers get dirty, please replace them with new ones.

3. Incorrect fit will affect the noise reduction effect, Please wear earplugs according to the installation instructions,make sure you roll them and insert them and allow to expand in ear, this will effectively block most of the noise.

4. Please always keep the ear plugs in a dry and safe place, away fro heat, sunlight and fire.

5. Please keep remaining unused earplugs in seal.

6. Please wash your hand before use.

7. Please replace with a new pair after every 5-day use.

How to wear sleep ear plugs correctly and effectively?

1. Take out the noise cancelling ear plugs with clean hands each time

2. Pull your ear gently up and slightly out to help open up the ear canal

3. Insert the earplug with a slight turning motion until it is well inside your ear canal

4. If the soft ear plugs doesn’t seem to fit properly, remove ear plugs and try again

Technical Details

General Information
Brand yola pro
Colour Green
Material Polyurethane Foam
Size 60 Pair (Pack of 1)

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