PokeAir Bento Lunch Box for Kids Toddler-3125

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PokeAir Bento Lunch Box for Kids Toddler-3125

Product information
  • ONE BOX FITS ALL - 3 practical compartments are portioned perfectly for toddlers and kids appetite. All-in-one design, our Bento Box includes a bento box + a sauce jar + a spoon and a fork. Everything you need is included.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS - All materials of kids lunch box are made of food-grade safe materials, BPA-free. All this lunch box set are easy to clean in the dishwasher and reheats food safely in the microwave and. NOTE: Please make sure the box is open when heating in the microwave oven!
  • LARGE, PORTABLE & DURABLE - Kid-friendly design complete with a soft handle. And made of anti-drop durable materials, it can effectively protect the lunch box when it is dropped, and the anti-drop, rubber-coated edges and sturdy design are suitable for active children.
  • UPGRADED DESIGN - The rabbit ear cover is a removable silicone cover, which is malleable and will not crush food slightly higher than the box. The square sauce box is 100% leak proof, which can be placed in bento box or used alone.
  • WARM TIPS-In order to make it easier for you to clean the lunch box, we have designed a removable silicone cover (the bunny ear shape of the children's lunch box is made of silicone), please do not hold soup or other liquids to prevent leakage. For this reason, we specially prepared sauce jars for you.
  • Dishwasher Safe
Just pop the box on the top shelf of a dishwasher for cleanup. We recommend hand washing the cover to preserve the leak-proof seal. It’s also microwave and freezer-safe.
  • Microwave & Freezer Safe
Make meal easy by popping the cover, filling it with food, and freezing. Once ready to eat, simply place the tray in the microwave and reheat food for up to 3 minutes and 180℉.
  • Food Grade Materials
PokeAir Kids lunch boxes made of high-quality food-grade materials which are free from BPA, lead, PVC, and vinyl.
Bento Lunch Box for Kids Toddler 1400mL Children Lunch Box
Bento Lunch Box for Kids Toddler 1400mL Children Lunch Box
Bento Lunch Box for Kids Toddler 1400mL Children Lunch Box

Endless Food Combinations

Three perfectly portioned compartments and a little sauce jar encourage you to pack more variety in your child’s lunch. There's room for an entree, snacks, and dipping sauces.

One Box Fits All

Creatively equipped with an integrated handle for easy carrying, convenience and strong. Best for salad, sandwich, pasta, yogurt , bread, veggies, fruits, snacks, etc.

1400ml with 3 Compartments

The perfect capacity of 1400ml will help to realize all your ideas on food matching and provide comprehensive nutrition for kids. Best gift for your kids.

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