Miniml Eco Laundry Liquid Washing Detergent 5L Refill 2012

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Miniml Eco Laundry Liquid Washing Detergent 5L Refill 2012 Brand new - The outer box is torn or has previous label marks, no damage to the actual product. Please see the listing pictures for more information Product information

  • ✅ PLANT POWERED LAUNDRY DETERGENT & FABRIC SOFTENER: Get exceptional washing results with an environmentally friendly washing liquid detergent, even at low temperatures. Keep your whites white, whilst stopping your colours from fading with colourfast
  • ✅ FRESH LINEN SCENT: Our planet-friendly fresh linen-scented washing liquid for clothes formula gives an intense fragrance that lasts throughout the whole day. Switch to an eco laundry detergent today and start smelling your best tomorrow
  • ✅ ECO FRIENDLY FABRIC CLEANER: All of our cleaning products are free from VOC’s, chlorine bleaches, solvents, lanoline, sulphates, parabens and phosphates. Our laundry soap is readily biodegradable, gentle on skin and contains no optical brighteners
  • ✅ VERSATILE NON-BIO LAUNDRY DETERGENT: Our laundry detergent liquid is compatible for all of your washing needs. Whether it's for delicates, sensitive skin, sports, industrial cleaning, work clothes or any other type of fabric washing, we've got you covered
  • ✅ ZERO WASTE: Our eco-friendly and fully sustainable solutions go far beyond your purchase. Simply send us back your empty bottles for professional cleaning so that they can be reused again and again. We even have refill partners across the UK to help make the world a cleaner, greener place to live

Product Description

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Try our 5 Litre Non-Bio Laundry Liquid

Fresh Linen Scent

Our Laundry Liquid is worth taking your clothes off for! It is a brilliant all-rounder that stands up to dirt and stains even on low temperatures, whilst being a big softie on your skin.

How to Use:

Washing Machine: Pour into machine dispenser. Light load 30ml, Medium load 40ml, Heavy load 50ml.

Hand Wash: Dilute 1-2 capfuls in a washbowl in warm water. Submerge the item, use your hands to agitate the water and detergent and soak items for up to 30 minutes.

Product Features

  • Excellent results on whites & colourfast
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Ideal for domestic or commercial use
  • Low foaming
  • No optical brighteners
  • Effective in both hard & soft water
  • Natural & subtle fresh linen fragrance
5 litre jerry can laundry liquid on a kitchen counter next to glass bottle with white leaf design
fluffy clean white towels piled up with lily flower on top to showcase fresh floral scent
laundry liquid and fabric softener conditioner next to each other in a wicker basket with bed sheets


Our naturally derived softening agents help protect fibres providing sensitive skin with ultimate comfort.


Our fresh linen scent is compliant with ISO16128 standards and from naturally derived origins using a blend of essential oils and extracts. Providing a subtle, natural fragrance without overpowering you with toxic chemicals.


Find our Fabric Softener in Fresh Linen for the perfect laundry combo.


rabbit icon drawing in blue with a white background to show that products are animal cruelty free
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two leaf icon drawing in blue with a white background to show that Miniml products are all natural
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Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Because guinea pigs shouldn't be used as guinea pigs, we perform zero animal testing or use any animal derived ingredients.

British Manufactured

Manufactured by Miniml in The Yorkshire Dales. Proudly independent and family owned too.

No Nasty Ingredients

Free from: VOC’s, Chlorine Bleaches, Solvents, Lanoline, Sulphates (SLS/ SLES), Parabens, Phosphates and Optical Brighteners.

Plant Based Formulas

All our formulations are Vegan, Cruelty Free and Paraben Free.

Check out our closed-loop product system!

diagram of miniml product system refilling 5 litre products sending containers back to be cleaned

Technical Details

General Information
Brand Miniml
Item form Liquid
Scent Fresh Linen
Unit count 5000.0 millilitre
Material Type Free Phosphate Free, Petrochemical Free, Sulphate Free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free, Paraben Free
Material feature Septic Tank Safe, Zero Waste Refills, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Plant-Based
Number of items 1
Formulation type High Efficiency, Concentrated
Specific uses for product Biodegradable, Stain Remover, Cleaning, Natural, Vegan
Item weight 5 Kilograms

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