Pura Premium Eco Nappy Pants Size 5 (9-14kg /20-30lbs) -pack of 20-20459

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Pura Premium Eco Nappy Pants Size 5 (9-14kg /20-30lbs) -pack of 20-20459

Product description

When your little wriggler is on the move, nappy changes needn’t be a struggle. Easy-on with tear-off sides, Pura’s high-performance, low eco impact nappy pants are perfect for active babies and those ready to potty train. They are Allergy UK approved**, plus dermatologically and clinically tested*** to be gentle on your tot’s skin. To ensure the ultimate in comfort, our nappy pants are enhanced with organic cotton**** and feature a super soft inner layer so they’re gentle against your baby’s delicate bottom. All Pura nappy pants are free from chlorine, perfumes and allergens. Pura's super absorbent core keeps your baby happy and dry for up to 12 hours and patented channel technology quickly draws moisture away from your baby’s bottom, allowing air to circulate for maximum breathability and comfort.

  • HAPPIEST FOR BABY: When your little wriggler won’t take change times lying down, Pura’s nappy pants can be pulled up like big kid undies - but with the same leakage protection as our regular nappies; Super soft, unscented, and free from chemical nasties, our Allergy-UK approved nappy pants are dermatologically and clinically tested for 26 well-known allergens; With only plant-based materials against your little one’s bottom, they’re safe and gentle for your little explorer’s developing skin
  • HAPPIEST FOR PLANET: Our nappy pants feature a super-absorbent, inner core made from certified natural plant fibres. Created with 100% renewable electricity and no production waste to landfill, our eco nappy pants have the coveted EU ecolabel – meeting the highest environmental standards; Not so pants for the planet
  • HAPPIEST FOR PIGGY BANK: Our nappy pants are designed to be affordable so cost less than many eco brands and are competitively priced to match non-eco branded alternatives
  • LEAKAGE-PROTECTION PROMISE: Our nappy pants are guaranteed to keep your tot happy and dry for up to 12 hours
  • PURA CHANNEL TECHNOLOGY: This technology quickly draws moisture away from your little wriggler’s skin, allowing air to circulate for maximum dryness, breathability and comfort

Good for planet!

Pura nappy pants are produced with 100% renewable electricity with no production waste going to landfill, and our manufacturing process is carbon neutral. They have been awarded the EU Ecolabel***** meaning they meet the highest environmental standards every step of the way to your baby’s bottom. Where possible we’ve used sustainable materials, like in our super absorbent core that’s made with 100% FSC certified natural plant fibres. And our packaging is 100% recyclable*. Pura is the only baby brand recycling nappies in the UK through our Pura NappiCycle partnership. Together, we’re working to keep nappies out of landfill and turn them into everything from housing materials, to notice boards for schools and nurseries. Last year, we recycled 8,000 tonnes of nappies in Wales and we’re working hard to bring this service to the entire UK soon.


Change nappy pants frequently to help avoid sore skin and nappy rash and always change straight away after a poo. Remove nappy pants, wrap securely, and dispose with normal household waste. Do not flush.

Safety Warning

WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from babies, children and animals.

Technical Details

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