Roidmi Handstaubsauger P1 PRO White Portable Hand Vacuum Cleaner 8149

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Roidmi Handstaubsauger P1 PRO White Portable Hand Vacuum Cleaner 8149

ROIDMI P1 Pro is equipped with a higher-end 110,000 rpm high-speed brushless digital motor generating powerful suction to pick up dust.  
Portable vacuum cleaner
Brand New Design, Effortless Cleaning
110,000 rpm brushless motor丨13kPa vacuum suction 20min long battery life丨500g lightweight and portable

Folding magnetic suction head Ideal for cleaning hidden crevices and corners
Folding magnetic suction head with firm grip, can effortlessly unfold to clean and fold to effectively prevent the dust from leaking. The suction head reaches hidden & inaccessible corners. Simply clean out the dust by rotating the suction head and taking filter out.

Three powerful lithium batteries Strong power for cleaning
Equipped with 3 high-capacity lithium-batteries, each battery 2000mAh, up to 20 minutes run time on full charge, easily switch between two suction modes to meet the cleaning needs in different environments.

Type-C cable for flexible charging
Comes with a type-C charging cable that enables you to charge anytime and anywhere, and it’s reversible that you can insert the connector in both ways.

Efficient dust filtration system to release purified air
The filter element can filter micro dust particles as small as 0.3 μm, bacteria and other pollutants, effectively prevent the secondary pollution of air caused by dust backflow to finally release clean and fresh air.


  • Rated Power: 90W
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Product Size: Φ60×275mm
  • Charging Time: About2.5hours
  • Battery:2500mAh
  • Product Weight: About0.5kg
  • Dust Cup Capacity: About100ml
  • Life time: About24/9 mins
  • Noise: Standard75dB(A)

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