Simpson Strong-Tie C2KS Crocodile Wall Starter Kit Stainless 2 x 1.2m BBA Approved

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Simpson Strong-Tie C2KS Crocodile Wall Starter Kit Stainless 2x 1.2m BBA Approved For Up to 8m, 3 Storey Work

Pack Size: 1 kit Features
  • BBA Approved for up to 8m, 3 storey work
  • Accommodates 10mm of vertical movement
  • Adjustable anchor ties to accommodate variation in brick courses
  • All fixings and ties provided within the packs

Specifics Connector width: 33mm Total length: 2236mm New wall thickness: 60 - 250mm Number of fixings: 6 Material: Austenitic stainless steel
Simpson Strong- Tie C2KS stainless steel crocodile wall extension profile is the UKs most popular wall starter. Suitable for use with both brick and block and BBA approved for lateral suppoof masonry walls upto 8m (3 storeys). Ideal for both internal and external applications. Includes all required fixings. Installation: - Use all specified fasteners - Fasteners must be spaced evenly, unless otherwise specified, and installed into the bricks or block and not into mortar joints - Insewall ties provided at maximum 300mm centres, bedding the ties into the mortar joints - Detailed site work instructions are provided with each wall connector system - In exposed locations it may be necessary to incorporate additional protection, for example the insertion of a vertical dpc

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