Simpson Strong-tie JHM225/142 Joist Hanger Masonry 225mm x 142mm x 1

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Simpson Strong-Tie JHM225/142 225mm x 142mm x 1

Masonry Joist Hanger Pre-galvanised

Pack Size: 1

Simpson Strong-Tie

(Manufacturers Part Number: JHM225/142)

Joist hangers for masonry (JHMs) from Simpson Stron+g-Tie are one piece non-welded joist hangers for supporting timber joists, beams and trussed rafters from masonry walls. Built in inspection slot at the base of joist hanger allows confirmation of proper installation from the ground. The top flange of the joist hanger provides wide area of contact with masonry support for superior performance. Hangers can be fixed to steel beams using four shot fired pins. H - 225mm W - 142mm Material: Pre-galvanised mild steel

  • Built-in inspection slot at the base of the hanger to aid inspection from the ground
  • Top flange provides widest area in contact with masonry support allowing superior performance
  • Embossments on JHM stiffen top flange and holes allow improved mortar keying
  • JHM side flange on deeper hangers is much higher than traditional style, providing greatly enhanced resistance to joist rotation

Specifics Width (A): 142mm

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