Pack of 5 Simpson Strong-Tie RR47 Ridge Rafter Connector 47x100x1.2mm Pre-Galv

Sale price£12.75


The Simpson RR ridge rafter connector is a specific connect for connecting rafters to ridge boards. The RR ridge rafter connector provides alignment control and correct nailing locations. The RR may be used with any rafter slope up to 30°.

Please note: For back-to-back installations, the minimum width of the ridge plate is 38mm

Pack Size: 5 Units


  • Can be used for back-to-back fixings (min 38mm ridge plate thickness)
  • Provides alignment control and correct nailing locations
  • Made from pre-galvanised mild steel


Width (A): 47mm (Joist width MIN-MAX: 44-47mm)
Height (D): 114mm (Joist height MIN-MAX: 95-125mm)
Flange width (B): 83mm
Flange depth (C): 33mm
Thickness (t): 1.2mm
Header fixing holes: 4 x Ø4mm
Joist fixing holes: 4 x Ø4mm

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