SMRONAR Airtight Coffee Canister 5639

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SMRONAR Airtight Coffee Canister 5639

Brand new - The outer box is torn or has previous label marks, no damage to the actual product. Please see the listing pictures for more information

Product information
  • Premium Stainless Steel Container - The airtight Coffee container is made of premium stainless steel metal, which perfectly stores your coffee grounds or beans, sugar, flour, and tea. The lid and rubber seal keep the jar airtight, helping to keep the coffee beans' excellent freshness and flavour.
  • Long-lasting Flavor - Our zero-BPA coffee canister has one-way valves to release CO2, and prevent oxygen from entering. Keep the flavor of the coffee longer, and fresher. Even after a long time, the scent of coffee is still strong.
  • Date Tracker - You can set the expiry dates with the date tracker on the lid of your Coffee Storage Canister. Ensure your coffee is always fresh and not expired. Logging the purchase or expiry date efficiently reduces waste and puts a stop to the mistake of discarding coffee.
  • Attached Scoop - The 1/8 cup (30ml) scoop coming with this coffee bean container helps you get easy portion control for more precise brewing. It can be attached to the canister, so you no longer have to look for a spoon everywhere.
  • Good Choice - User-friendly functions and elegant design makes this coffee canister a great addition to your kitchen. In addition, our coffee canister is a great gift for friends and family.

Technical Details

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