TEPE Easypick Dental Picks,orange- 25811

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TEPE Easypick Dental Picks,orange- 25811

Product information
  • TePe EasyPick is a patented simple and easy to use pick to remove food deposits between your teeth, they are a great alternative to regular toothpicks
  • A firm but flexible core, covered in a soft silicon coating, and a non-slip grip ensure effortless and efficient cleaning, while the durable plastic is an advantage over wooden picks
  • In combination with other TePe brushes, EasyPick completes your daily oral hygiene routine / Their compact design makes them ideal for cleaning braces, implants, crowns and teeth
  • Using TePe EasyPick everyday helps develop a healthy habit and is recommended by dentists and dental hygienists / Regular use can help prevent plaque buildup and inflamed gums.

    We care for healthy smiles

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    Flexible design

    TePe EasyPick toothpicks are designed in close collaboration with dental experts. Creating a unique toothpick with a flexible end that is suitable for even the most hard to reach or crooked teeth.

    Easy to use

    The toothpicks are easy to use thanks to the large grip handle, providing a secure grip and leverage. Due to the use of silicone, the toothpicks provide a gentle and comfortable cleaning experience.

    On the go

    Never lose a toothpick again, thanks to the practical design of the TePe EasyPick travel case, holding up to twelve toothpicks at anytime. Protect and keep your toothpicks clean with a lightweight, slim and stylish travel case.

Technical Details

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