TEPE Good Mini Flosser-Pack of 36-Green-22512

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TEPE Good Mini Flosser-Pack of 36-Green-22512

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Product information

*The TePe Good Mini Flosser is a pre-loaded flossing tool that combines a handle and floss thread in a compact design. It features an easy-to-grip handle and a small piece of floss attached to it.The compact size of the flossers makes them highly portable. You can easily carry them in your bag, pocket, or travel kit, allowing you to maintain your oral hygiene routine wherever you go.Each TePe Good Mini Flosser is designed for single-use, promoting hygiene and preventing the transfer of bacteria between teeth. After using a flosser, it is recommended to dispose of it properly. 
  • 🦷Sustainably produced with green energy and renewable raw materials.
  • 🦷Made from sugar cane and wood fibres. This means we manage to recirculate 85% of the carbon dioxide emissions during the product life cycle
  • 🦷Pre-loaded floss holder for convenient use. Contains strong, teflon free floss which glides easily through narrow interdental spaces.
  • 🦷The cleverly designed bite plane helps to gently insert the floss. The slender handle fits comfortably in the hand. An excellent cleaning aid for tight spaces between the teeth.

We care for healthy smiles

Easy to use floss stick
Durable floss inside a handle
Sustainable production

Easy to use

The TePe GOOD Mini Flosser is the perfect solution for children and adults who struggle to use regular flossing. The convenient handle and pre-loaded dental floss holders allow easy and comfortable cleaning between teeth. You can can easily and effectively clean behind teeth, around implants and braces. Providing a deep clean, the angled brush tip allows improved access to even the toughest areas.

Strong and durable

No need to worry about shredding or breaking, the TePe Mini Flosser is strong, slim and designed to fit into the narrowest interdental space. Each Mini Flosser can be used multiple times.

For a sustainable future

The TePe GOOD range is a unique collection of products with the same TePe quality, design and feeling as always, but made from plant-based plastic. Using good, renewable raw materials, we can recirculate the CO2 emissions during their life cycle. Naturally, the products are produced using green energy, partly from our own rooftop solar panel facility.


Use a gentle touch while inserting the interdental brush between your teeth.Do not push the brush all the way through the interdental space to avoid injuring the gum tissue on the other side.

Safety Warning

Avoid using excessive force or aggressive movements, as this can potentially harm your gums or cause discomfort.

Technical Details

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