Trust XIMO Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Set Black 5717

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Trust XIMO Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Set Black 5717

  • Full 104-key layout with comfortable stop.
  • Compact wireless mouse with variable speed (800 ~ 1,200 ~ 1600 dpi).
  • Use a USB receiver available in mini size for both devices.
  • Space-saving keyboard design.
  • 10 m radio range.
Trust Ximo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Are you looking for a space saving desktop set solution? The slim Ximo wireless keyboard and compact wireless mouse with adjustable speed help you avoid the clutter of your desk. Keep your office or workplace free of cables! Mini size USB receiver allows you to connect both devices at the same time.
Keyboard with full 104 key layout
The Ximo wireless keyboard has a 104-key layout for all-day comfort. The keyboard also includes an integrated 10 keypad for convenient access to all number keys. Ideal for maximum productivity as all important buttons are within easy reach.
Compact wireless mouse with adjustable speed.
Ximo Wireless Mouse is a compact, comfortable plug & play mouse. Experience the comfort of a wireless mouse and enjoy a desk without any cables. Even the cursor speed can be controlled by switching the DPI settings according to your preferences (800 DPI to max. 1600 DPI). There is a scroll wheel for controlling your desktop or laptop applications.
A miniature USB receiver for both devices
You will appreciate the Ximo kit even more when you learn that a miniature USB receiver is enough to connect both devices to your PC or laptop. The miniature sized USB receiver takes up less space and allows free access to other USB ports, leaving enough space to connect other devices on your laptop at all times.

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