Weber Pulse 2000 with cart Electric Barbecue 0724

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The Weber Pulse's removable components make it easy to clean and because it is an electric BBQ gives you peace of mind that you are not going to run out of BBQ fuel. Combing high-end technology and state of the art digital performance to provide you with a revolutionary new way of BBQing. The Weber Pulse 2000 produces 2200 watts of power and is the big brother of the Weber Pulse 1000. As well as being able to cook steaks, burgers and chops over direct heat, the Weber Pulse 2000 BBQ has two heating elements. Thus allowing you to cook foods indirectly, such as small joints of meat and chicken. Key Benefits of the Weber Pulse 2000   Dual Heating Elements This allows you to cook directly and indirectly Precise Temperature Control A stylish LED front panel display ensures a precise and accurate temperature reading inside your Weber Pulse BBQ. Integrated iGrill Technology Ensure that your chicken is fully cooked or your steak is cooked to your liking - link a Weber probe to your Weber Pulse iGrill and probe your meat for total control and ease with your BBQ food. The bluetooth device synced to your iGrill App on mobile device takes away the guess work! Use up to 4 iGrill Probes simultaneously. Porcelain Enamelled Cast Iron Cooking Grates These grates evenly retain high heat temperatures providing you with incredible sear marks that every BBQ enthusiast strives for. Easy to keep clean, just preheat before using and gently brush away the previous BBQ debris. Preheat Indicator Set your Weber Pulse Electric BBQ to low, medium or high; close the lid and wait until the Pulse BBQ has preheated - a tone will sound to indicate when it is ready to start grilling! Grease Management System For the Weber Pulse BBQ is the same system used for all of the Weber Q range. It helps prevent flare ups and drippings not vaporised are funnelled into a drip pan under the cookbox which can then be disposed of.

Features and benefits

  • Integrated IGrill technology which can be used with the Weber IGrill app
  • Dual zone grilling
  • Grease management system
  • Removable components
  • Electric variable temperature gauge
  • Included: 1x electric barbecue, 1x portable cart, 3x tool hooks


Product depth 1070mm
Product diameter 1120mm
Product height 1070mm
Product width 1120mm
Included 1x electric barbecue, 1x portable cart, 3x tool hooks
Material Steel
Adjustable shelves Fixed shelves
Assembly required Partial assembly required
Surface finish Cast aluminium
Power output 2.2kW
Product code 0077924060724

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