Wype Refill - Certified Organic, Biodegradable and Single-use Plastic Free Toilet Paper Gel 4075

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Wype Refill - Certified Organic, Biodegradable and Single-use Plastic Free Toilet Paper Gel 4075

Brand new - The outer box is torn or has previous label marks, no damage to the actual product. Please see the listing pictures for more information

Product information
  • Convenient: Long lasting, with 1 x 100ml bottle = over 6 packets of wet wipes. Our single-handed use applicator allows you to swiftly clean up without hassle. The gel is evenly distributed to give you the perfect wipe each time.
  • Genuinely flushable: Unlike flushable wet wipes, our cleansing gel breaks down the same way your bog-standard loo roll does, no sewer blockages round here! And we're 100% biodegradable!
  • Eco-friendly: An infinitely recyclable aluminium bottle, along with our reusable applicator means there's no single-use plastic packaging.
  • Kind to skin: Natural, organic, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested formula, perfect for any bum!
  • Effective: Cleansing, soothing and moisturising botanicals to keep you effortlessly clean, and more!

Product Description

Wype toilet paper gel
Includes a reusable applicator attached to a 100ml bottle of Wype containing over 250 pumps and an additional refill to keep you fresher for longer.
Wet wipe gel
Wype is a soothing, natural gel that boosts toilet paper's cleansing power – a wet wipe alternative that doesn’t clog pipes or pollute oceans. Why? Because when it comes to cleaning, wetter is better. So you can get a proper clean – with no post-wet-wipe guilt.
Toilet wipe gel
Wype is a gel-based product that, when applied onto your toilet paper, works as a sustainable alternative to wet wipes and leaves you as fresh as a daisy.
Wet wipe toilet paper gel
Wet wipes might be convenient, but they wreak havoc when it comes to your pipes and our planet.

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